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  • 桑悦赟
  • 专科:睡眠障碍
  • 职称:国家二级心理咨询师
  • 专长:强迫症、抑郁症、以及人际关系方面的咨询与治疗。
  • 挂号费:
  • 门诊时间:周二上午、周三下午、周日下午(心理咨询治疗中心,需预约)
  • 专家简介
  •     桑悦赟,女,毕业于英国圣安德鲁斯大学(University of St Andrews),心理学硕士,国家二级心理咨询师。秉承人本主义精神,以认知行为疗法(CBT)、内关认知疗法(MBCT)、以及家庭治疗技术为主。

        Yueyun SANG, Graduated from the University of St Andrews, M.A. Psychology. Activating areas have included development psychology, social psychology, cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, evolutionary and comparative psychology. Specializing in the treating of obsessions, depressions, and interpersonal problems. In accordance with humanism, the mainly therapies used have included cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy,and family therapy.

        Out-patients time: Tuesday morning / Wednesday night / Sunday morning


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